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    Knowledgeable and highly experienced in rotorcraft and rotorwing operations.

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SEMA Insurance is an innovative risk solutions specialty firm dedicated to delivering client driven risk management services

Professional Liability

Conducting business has inherent risks, extending ones expertise through services has further unique risks.

However, when a firm and/or individual provide “Professional Services” there is a higher standard of expectation and in some jurisdictions that higher standard may even imply a warranty. If the service provided does not meet what was anticipated, it could precipitate a legal dispute.

In the aviation and transportation industry, this can involve significant potential for financial loss. Companies that provide maintenance, flight crew training, logistics and shipping, cargo consolidating, cargo handling, cargo turn around service and consulting related are at potential risk.

SEMA has experience in reviewing the potential service contract. Thus, providing stop gap solutions should issues arise which need to go beyond the original transaction agreement.