A marine cargo unit capable of resolving any intermodal freight needs.

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    Insurance services for all commercial aircraft operations.


    An insurance specialty firm entirely focused and dedicated to commercial buildings

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    Expertise in all facets of air cargo and freight operations.

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    Knowledgeable and highly experienced in rotorcraft and rotorwing operations.

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SEMA Insurance is an innovative risk solutions specialty firm dedicated to delivering client driven risk management services!

Marina/Repair Facilities

Providing risk management services to Marinas and Repair Facilities is a significant undertaking.

These operations all rely on a promise of services which include products liability and implied warranties, if not specific. Making sure that you have a contract for services that is in line with your insurance coverage can be the most vigorous component of establishing a checklist to build upon.

SEMA is well versed in providing prudent and thought out expertise in this arena.