• Villa


    Insurance services for all commercial aircraft operations.


    A marine cargo unit capable of resolving any intermodal freight needs.


    An insurance specialty firm entirely focused and dedicated to commercial buildings

  • Building


    Expertise in all facets of air cargo and freight operations.

  • Brown Living Room


    Knowledgeable and highly experienced in rotorcraft and rotorwing operations.

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25 Years - Top Independent Agency

SEMA Insurance is an innovative risk solutions specialty firm dedicated to delivering client driven risk management services. !

About US

SEMA Insurance has access to all leading insurers in the domestic and internationally markets. SEMA Insurance, a leader in the aviation insurance marketplace; a firm which was founded with the purpose of formulating cost effective and quality insurance programs for Aerospace, Marine and Transportation industries.

SEMA was founded by Al Mason, an FAA Licensed Pilot and Aerospace Engineer with over (20) years experience coordinating insurance coverage in the Southeastern United States. Mr. Mason's vast experience in the risk transfer, risk management and corporate insurance through highly developed relationships with domestic and international insurers is the mainstay of our firm.

Our expertise, coupled with our ongoing involvement in the transportation industry, allows us to offer specifically tailored insurance programs which balance coverage at the best possible cost. We are leaders in the aviation Insurance marketplace and are uniquely qualified to provide a host of services for clients including and not limited to:

Today it is more crucial than ever to have a representative assisting you in identifying your potential risks and develop a program to minimize their exposure.

SEMA Insurance understands the time, effort and expense that you have invested in your firm and its future financial well being. Allow a representative to provide your firm with a no obligation consultation and review; we have been working with firms similar to yours for over 24 years and our goals remain the same. "We build our business and practice; by safe guarding the future of our clients on a daily basis."