An insurance specialty firm entirely focused and dedicated to commercial buildings

  • Villa


    Insurance services for all commercial aircraft operations.

  • Building


    Expertise in all facets of air cargo and freight operations.


    A marine cargo unit capable of resolving any intermodal freight needs.

  • Brown Living Room


    Knowledgeable and highly experienced in rotorcraft and rotorwing operations.

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25 Year - Top Independent Agency

SEMA Insurance is an innovative risk solutions specialty firm dedicated to delivering client driven risk management services !

Finance & Surety

Today’s economy extends the ability of firms to trade on a global marketplace and stage.

When transactions rely on integrate financial commitments and guarantees, it is not common for institutions to require Financial Instruments which exceed traditional insurance policies. In many instances, firms will need to provide documents such as outlined below.

SEMA has developed relationships with Special Purpose Surety and Bonding entities, which avail our clients of a multitude of options and opportunities when the need arises.