A marine cargo unit capable of resolving any intermodal freight needs.

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    Insurance services for all commercial aircraft operations.

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    Expertise in all facets of air cargo and freight operations.


    An insurance specialty firm entirely focused and dedicated to commercial buildings

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    Knowledgeable and highly experienced in rotorcraft and rotorwing operations.

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25 Years - Top Independent Agency

SEMA Insurance is an innovative risk solutions specialty firm dedicated to delivering client driven risk management services!


Any aviation related operation that provides services to an aircraft, including the sale of products, fuel, maintenance (overhaul and/or repairs), and/or manufacturing, has a potential liability for any loss, which can be attributed to those services or products. Even factory-authorized distributors have the potential liability in the event of an incident/accident.

SEMA Insurance has been an industry leader in the development of broad based Products Liability and Completed Operations coverage. Our staff of highly trained aviation insurance specialists understands the unique needs, exposures and requirements that demand an innovative approach to this "special risk".

Typical operations include: