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Hull/Machinery and P&I

Hull insurance usually includes machinery (H&M) insurance provides insurance cover for the ship/vessel as well as the equipment on board the ship including the propulsion, auxiliary machinery (transmissions, drive shafts and propellers), cargo handling and navigation equipment.

This coverage also addresses the vessel and/or ship’s contribution to general average and salvage. Further under some circumstances it can provides for a portion or all of the liability for damage to another ship or vessel in the event of a collision.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

Refers to the Ship/Vessel Operators Liability for practically all maritime liability associated with the operation of a ship/vessel. This coverage is best compared to a business commercial general liability cover.

It does not extend coverage for workers compensation and may not cover damage to third party ship/vessel for collision which is usually provided for under the hull policy.

SEMA has vast experience in the assessment and procurement of this unique and varied type of insurance. Our relationship with International Insurers is vital in this process.